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Whitfield Clinic in Waterford has become the first facility in Ireland to adopt innovative technology, developed by an Irish company, which combats the spread of common Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) such as MRSA and C. difficile. 


Effective hand washing has been proven to be the single most effective way to prevent the spread of HCAIs.  i360Hygiene is a fully integrated system which uses wireless technology to monitor the hand washing habits of healthcare workers in real time, improving behaviour in this area.  


i360Hygiene, based in Limerick, has developed a system which involves staff wearing Personal Identification Units – small badges which work in conjunction with wall-mounted units at patient’s bedsides to monitor the instances of hand washing alongside engagement with patients. 


Initial results indicate a significant increase in hand hygiene compliance amongst healthcare workers at Whitfield Clinic, which is sustainable in the ongoing battle against Healthcare Acquired Infections.


David Beirne, CEO of Whitfield Clinic, commented: ”The deployment of the i360Hygiene system reinforces Whitfield Clinic’s commitment to patient safety, which is a top priority for our staff. It has had very positive results, heightening awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and reassuring patients that they are being cared for in a safe environment with the highest possible standards.”


Arthur Devine, CEO of i360Hygiene, added: “The beauty of this solution is that it monitors situations in real time, reinforcing the importance of consistent hand washing in an unobtrusive way and encouraging healthcare staff to modify their behaviour.  As the first facility to adopt this technology Whitfield Clinic is leading by example, paving the way for other hospitals in Ireland to increase compliance and sustain patient safety. I hope more facilities here will follow their lead and deploy this simple but highly effective solution which has the potential to radically reduce the spread of infections like MRSA and C. difficile.”


Six hospital groups in the Middle East have signed up to the i360Hygiene technology with a further thirteen clinics considering the solution globally.


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