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Whitfield Hospital and Cancer Centre is to introduce a new mammography service this Autumn, the only private hospital in the South East to provide mammography screening.


A mammogram is a safe, low-dose x-ray of both breasts and is interpreted by a specialist consultant radiologist. It looks for breast changes which can range from benign to malignant. In general, it is reserved for women above age 35 years.


Whilst the procedure may cause minor discomfort, it is an effective tool (in combination with specialist clinical examination) for detecting breast cancer early.

Mr. Gerry O’Donoghue is a Consultant Breast, Thyroid, Melanoma and Skin Cancer Surgeon at Whitfield in Waterford City. His clinic at Whitfield will offer this symptomatic breast service later this year.

“The most important aspect to this new service is that patients can expect to meet a consultant within one week of a doctor’s referral and a diagnosis within just two weeks.”


“Breast pain or mastalgia is very common. It affects most women at some time in their lives. It can cause worry but breast pain is not usually a symptom of breast cancer. The level of breast pain is different for each woman. It can range from being a mild discomfort to being severe enough to affect a woman’s quality of life.”

Mr. O’ Donoghue’s advice to anyone with concerns is to visit their G.P. “Your doctor will take an appropriate clinical history including risk factors and familial or genetic details. If they deem a referral is necessary, then it will be arranged and the patient promptly reviewed in the Whitfield Hospital.”

Mr. O’Donoghue added, “All clinical information, radiology and pathology results will be scrutinised at a multidisciplinary case conference and where necessary, an individual care plan formulated.”

“You will be contacted personally with the results and either be discharged to your GP, offered surveillance follow up, or receive an individualized treatment plan.”

Whitfield’s mammography service will be available this Autumn though Mr. O’Donoghue’s clinic. For further information, call 051-359724, fax to 051-359725 or email referral to