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Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, is the largest hospital in the world dedicated to the diagnosis and management of eye disease.  In terms of research and also in terms of clinical pioneering work, Moorfields Eye Hospital has long been considered one of the foremost centres of excellence for ocular disease throughout the world, reflected in the fact that there are over one hundred consultants working there. The Institute of Eye Surgery, Whitfield Clinic, in collaboration with Whitfield Clinic’s own AMD Treatment Centre, is hosting a delegation from Moorfields Eye Hospital, who wish to witness first hand the practice model developed by Professor Stephen Beatty for the management of age related macular degeneration (AMD) at Whitfield Clinic. AMD is the commonest cause of blindness in the western world, the blinding “wet” form of the disease is treated by a course of injections into the eye.  However, the treatment is only effective if the injections are given early enough in the course of the disease, and as frequently as is required.  Consequently, an appropriate infrastructure to manage the enormous number of patients requiring such injections needed to be developed, and Prof. Beatty led the way in Whitfield Clinic.

“The key to successful management of AMD is to centre the care around the patient.  In other words, if the patient has “wet” AMD, he/she should have all investigations performed at a single visit, so that a decision to treat can be made at that visit and appropriate arrangements made for the injections.  In this way, several weeks of valuable time are saved, thus preventing irreversible damage to the very sensitive and fragile cells at the back of the eye” Prof. Beatty explains.

“At Whitfield Clinic, we have developed a model of treating AMD, where patients can be treated safely, and yet more efficiently, when compared to other centres.  For example, at Whitfield Clinic, approximately forty eye injections are given every Tuesday morning over a three-hour period, whereas in other institutions that number of injections would take at least a full day, or even longer” Prof. Beatty explains. Mr. Robin Hamilton, Consultant Retinal Specialist and lead clinician of the AMD Service at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, commented: “Prof. Beatty and his team at the Institute of Eye Surgery, and indeed all the staff at Whitfield Clinic, should be very proud of the model they have developed at Whitfield Clinic, which allows AMD to be treated in a safe, efficient and timely manner.  We will certainly be incorporating some of Whitfield Clinic’s AMD best practice model into how we do things at Moorfields Eye Hospital, in an attempt to achieve best visual outcomes for our patients”.

Mr Donal O’Farrell, CEO of Whitfield Clinic, emphasises the importance of teamwork in achieving worldwide recognition for the Institute of Eye Surgery and the AMD Treatment Centre at Whitfield and says “We at Whitfield Clinic are very proud of what our staff have achieved, and this also emphasises the importance of clinical leadership as exhibited by Prof. Stephen Beatty”.

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